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Robert Atyeo makes it hard to sit still...

If you want to build up your CD collection quickly and cheaply, just promote a few concerts. At least it has worked for me: very few weeks go by that l don't receive a CD from someone who would like to play on Gabriola. The biggest problem is finding the time to listen; the second biggest problem is that most of the Cds are not very good. But, every now and then, someone comes along who makes it all worthwhile - like Robert Atyeo (You can see for yourself on Thursday November 6 when Atyeo plays the Community Hall.)  Atyeo,s CD, "Angel on a Cliff', stopped me in my tracks. Ever since, I have taken delight in slipping the disk on whenever visitors are around. Then I see how long it takes for them to say, "Hey! who is that?,

Robert Atyeo has his own unique style, but there are clear flashes of his influences - a pretty unique bunch themselves: Chet Atkins, Tom waits, John Prine, and above all the infectious guitar rhythm of JJ Cale.

It is hard to resist music that won't let you sit still, or that tickles your mind in much the same way.  Atyeo,s titles are catchy: "The Floor is Closer than You Think", "Shave the Monkey,, or ,,Angels in the Backseat,, - and the songs live up to their names. Being a singer-songwriter is a tough row to hoe. There are far too many, and,far too few have the combination of skills to create the illusion of a good, simple song. It takes an ear for a tune and the fingers to play it; then you need to have something worth saying and the *wit to say it well; and you need a voice to make it all seem easy and true. No wonder most of the cds in my mailbox are less than memorable. And no wonder Robert Atyeo's is the exceptional music that makes me pick up the phone and say, “When are you coming west? “  


Stage Presence

Atyeo's music and voice reflected his love of performance, as did his stage presence.

Lise McGillivary

Refreshingly Different

Atyeo's lyrics, powerful and insightful, are woven melodies that have an electic mix of stylings, including jazz, blues and folk.  He takes the best of J.J. Cale, Tom Waits and John Prine and forges them into something refreshingly different.

Atyeo makes the crowd jump with tunes like "Out of Control" and "Don't Wanna Be Late". Ballads such as "The Wishing" and "Heart in Two", haunting, lyrically and musically, is reflected in the rapt attention of his audience.

Lynne Hurry / Past President of Mariposa,
Founder of the Juno Roots-Traditional Category Award

Impressive Range

Spirited and lively originals punctuated with textured ballads.  Showing the influences of the likes of John Prine and Van Morrison, Atyeo covered an impressive range of folk genres.

Peterborough Examiner

Situations and Characters worthy of Fellini or John Houston

While one can discern, particularly in his smoky vocals, the influences of J.J. Cale, John Prine and Tom Waits, Robert's music is entirely his own.  His delivery is boisterously black and his situations and characters are worthy of Fellini or John Houston.

Frank Taylor / Firstbook Arts and Artists